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Usage Areas

It is used to melt snow and ice without damaging the road, vehicles, asphalt, and also as a preventative on the road. It gives effective results in highways, airports, gas stations, shopping malls, building entrances.


■Ecological and environment friendly.
■It does not contain glycol and its derivatives, it is not flammable.
■It has no harm to human, animal and plant health.
■It does not have a corrosive effect like salt.
■It can be applied by spraying method.
■It is effective for 24-48 hours depending on weather conditions.
Freezing Point: It can be adjusted from -30ºC to -45ºC.


Before Snowfall: The dosage amount to be made to prevent icing is 80-100 g/m².
Purpose of Melting Ice Layer: The dosage amount to be made for melting ice varies between 100-300 g/m² depending on the thickness of the ice formed.


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