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750ml, 3 Liters

Usage Areas

It can be used safely in the cleaning of boat teak decks, teak garden furniture, poolside deck floors without the need for sanding.


- It is a water-based organic product that easily cleans blackened and graying teak surfaces.
- Instantly dissolves dirt and oil residues accumulated in the pores of the tree.
- No sanding required.
- It is an environmentally friendly product with biodegradability in nature.
- Does not damage the veins of the tree and prepares the surface for lubrication without disturbing the natural texture.
- It does not contain any solvent harmful to human health.


Wet the surface to be cleaned thoroughly with water. Then spray the product on the dirty surface and wait 1-2 minutes for it to take effect. Then gently brush along the grains of the tree with a hard plastic hand brush. Afterwards, wash away the dirt deposits with plenty of water. Repeat the same process once more on heavily soiled and blackened surfaces.

Package Size:
750 ML – 3 L


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