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It has been specially developed to clean the oxidation that occurs over time and to provide a shiny appearance without damaging the surface by eliminating the matte appearance.


- It can be used safely for cleaning all chrome and nickel plated metal surfaces.
- Provides intense protection against UV rays and creates a bright and clean surface on chrome and nickel plated surfaces.
- Due to external factors and sea salt, dulled oxidized chrome cleans metal surfaces and parts from rust and provides a bright and lively appearance.
- By creating a protective effect on metals, it makes the surface look bright and well-groomed for a long time.


Spray the surface with a low pressure hand spray. Wait 20-30 sec for interaction. Scrub especially the rusty surfaces thoroughly with a soft sponge and then rinse with water. Let the chrome surfaces gain a shiny appearance by drying it with a cotton cloth.


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